Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Throwback Tuesday

Throwback is a term I've used fairly liberally for these weekly posts.  I'm going to push the envelope a bit more here.  Technically, I'd probably say this is a throwback on a modern card of a throwback. 

The card comes from 1994's Upper Deck All-Time Heroes.  The early 90's most likely don't qualify as a throwback.  But that didn't stop the Rockies and Mets from wearing throwback jerseys from 1993.  So perhaps it's far enough back to qualify.

But more interesting is what's going on on the actual card.  The photo features Bill Madlock at All-Star weekend, hosted at Three Rivers Stadium, in what I believe was some type of old timer's home run derby (the predecessor to the abomination that is the celebrity softball game).  Madlock was only 7 years past his playing days, but he sure doesn't look it in this shot.  The angle certainly isn't flattering.

Madlock is also sporting the current (for the time) home jersey, rather than one of the styles he would have worn during his time with the Bucs.  Sort of an anti-throwback.  Throw forward?

To top the decade confusion off, the headshot in the lower left corner features Mad Dog with a wicked pair of sideburns from what looks to be the mid 70's during his tenure with the Cubbies.

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