Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Day After

Opeing Day came and went, and in typical Pirate fashion A.J. Burnett pitched well, but the offense just did not hit. Thanks to mlb.tv, I've been able to watch quite a bit of baseball over the last couple days, and I'm absolutely loving it as I sit here watching Yu Darvish pitch a (thus far) perfect game as I type.

I'm quickly accepting that I'm terrible at this blogging thing when it comes to scanning.  I'm still working my way through cropping scans from purchases and show pickups from a month ago as I prepare for the monthly show in Dayton this weekend, and imcoming COMC spring cleaning special shipment, and an absolutely mindblowing lot I snagged off ebay.

As I sit here watching that which shall not be named, I noticed that one thing the Pirates have been sorely lacking in is "memorable moment" cards.  I love cards that commemorate a special moment or event, whether it's postseason highlights, career milestones, or individual achievements.  Unfortunately, there haven't been many of those in recent Pirate history.

I loved the 2010 UD Season Biography cards, since they featured actual game photos from the game discussed and covered a more broad range of highlights than the typical season highlights fare.

Both moments are ones that I recall from an otherwise very forgettable 2009 campaign.  Jones came out f nowhere as a non-roster invitee to earn the nickname The Legend, providing power to a team desperately lacking in it.

The Duke game was more memorable to me for the unique hats than for Duke's shutout, as the Pirates commemorated a trio of officers who died on the job.  I love (and cringe at) the caption noting the "rare sellout crowd."  I can't remember the specific details of the game - it wasn't a bobblehead game, and was probably too early in the year for a skyblast night - but I'm sure some kind of added incentive was involved to draw such a large crowd.  Until recently, sellout crowds were a rare sight in Pittsburgh.  

And of course I don't think I need to say much about these final two.

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