Tuesday, April 16, 2013

COMC Pickups: Odds and Ends

Shopping on COMC can be frustrating at times, since it seems clear some sellers have little to no interest in selling their cards at market prices, instead holding out for that one desperate buyer willing to overpay.  After attempting to negotiate with those sellers once or twice, they're unlikely to see my business again, even if they do eventually list something at a price I'm willing to pay.  But it's also a great place to grab up some nice (more common) inserts at great prices if you shop around.  The majority of these cards were around $.50, with the others costing only a hair more.

 I'm a sucker for early 00's parallels and inserts.  Maybe they can't hold a candle to the 90's in terms of design or collectibility, but they bring back some great collecting memories.  The Pennant Aggression is one of my favorite modern die cuts.  I pulled a Thurmon Munson from my solitary pack of 03 Fall Classic, but I'm much happier to have a Pirate from the set.
 Barnes was the Pirates 1st rounder last year in the supplementary round, and has looked impressive thus far in his short pro career.  The auto is on card, which was a nice surprise.
 This Pedro RC cost me a whopping $.75!  When he was first drafted, I paid $2 just for the base card.  Granted, Pedro's production has been less than impressive at times.  But it's still a great addition

 I love combo cards like this, though it would have been nice if Pops were in a matching jersey to Parker.
 Speaking of Pops, I swear I pulled a dozen of these cards from a box of Donruss Classics back in the day, but didn't add the Stargell until now.
 Talk about a clean design highlighting the player.  In this case, I love the vintage vest.

 This is an interesting card I only found out about semi-recently.  Jose Hernandez's time in Pittsburgh was far from memorable.  And for that reason, I had to have this card.  No idea where the jersey swatch came from though - perhaps a Brewers warmup jersey?
I love the look of these Prestigious Pros inserts, though the endless color combinations get a bit frustrating.  I believe this is the third of fourth version I have of the card, though they're all the higher numbered varieties.

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