Monday, April 15, 2013

COMC Pickups: All That Glitters is Gold

 Regular readers of the blog know I'm a big fan of gold bordered Pirate cards.  Perhaps a tad bit obsessed.  And card companies seem happy to oblige.  My recent COMC haul was heavy in gold, though pretty light in the amount of green I had to give up to get them.  All of the cards in this post cost me around $12 total.  Not bad, in my opinion, and it filled some tougher to find holes in my collection.

The first couple cards are less than impressive.  Rodriguez and Jaramillo were bench players for brief periods, and neither really amounted to much of anything in their limited opportunities.  Still, gold!  And refractory!
 Longtime Pirates backup catcher (and occasional 3B) Keith Osik is at least moving this post towards major league respectability.  I wasn't crazy about the 02 Topps base design, but love the look of the refractors from that year's set.  Unfortunately, I'm still a long way from a team set and copies seem few and far between.
 This Team Heroes parallel /10 set me back a whopping $2.  I was slightly amazed to see my offer accepted on the card, but I'll gladly take it.  Team Heroes always seemed like an underappreciated set to me.
 Ok, so I took some liberties here.  The card is orange, at least in name.  Still, the border looks more gold than some of what Topps has tried to pawn off as a "gold" border.
 The 1994 Collector's Choice Gold Signature cards are one of my favorite parallels from the early 90's.  At 1/box, these were a tough pull at the time.  Since then, I've found more than a few copies in dime boxes.
 No name players?  Yep.  But it's gooooold!  Again, for a couple dollars it can fill an empty slot in my binder.
 Ok, not technically a gold ref, but the yellow background makes it gold enough for this guy.  Morris was my original middle infielder player collection, though he was clearly supplanted in the collecting hierarchy (as well as on the field) by Jack Wilson.

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