Saturday, February 1, 2014

Back to My Ebay Ways

I had been pretty successful over the last few months about focusing my hobby dollars away from ebay.  Part of it came from a strong desire to give my hobby money to outlets that weren't huge corporations and had more appreciation for their consumer - justcommons, sportlots, Tromp's Sports Cards, COMC, and local shows.  But part of it just came down to dollars and cents.  There just isn't much in the way of cards that appeals to me on ebay.  Most of the cards I really want I have, and I'm sick of throwing $5 and $10 at my 60th Neil Walker auto or 5th Jose Tabata patch.

But...I fell off the wagon.  COMC sellers seem to be increasingly insistent upon pricing their cards at triple what actual ebay prices are.  And back to ebay I went.  My purchases have been few in number.  But I did snag what I consider to be some real gems.

Topps Tribute will forever be beyond my spending limits in pack form.  And the cards aren't exactly likely to show up in the dime box.  But for $2 I was able to snag this great looking blue parallel /99. 

My McCutchen collection has tailed off as his prices have skyrocketed, so I was thrilled to add a relatively rare card from this past season for just a few bucks.

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