Thursday, February 6, 2014

Is It Over Yet?

This offseason just keeps dragging on.  And on.  And on.

And the Pirates have been remarkably consistent in their ability to do absolutely nothing. The team has given me plenty to be pissed about this offseason, but not anything particularly exciting.  Unless of course you consider Jaff Dacker exciting.  And he is, if you get excited about people who spell common names in uncommonly idiotic ways.

So instead, I'll just pretend we resigned A.J. Burnett.

Woooooooo!!!! AJ Burnett.  Wooooo.

My chance to turn on MLBtv and watch some other team can't come soon enough.  The Bucs are quickly lulling me into indifference.


  1. I'm usually big on following the careers of Padres even once they start wearing other uniforms. Jaff Decker is not one of those people. Wish him the best, but wasn't big on watching him play, even as a Padre. I'm used to having the same complaints about the Padres (their only signing last offseason was re-signing Jason Marquis), but they've actually made a little noise this offseason. We'll see if any of it pays off.

    1. The Bucs have never been big offseason players, but with the added revenue from last season and with the team finally in a position to compete for a pennant I think most Pirate fans were expecting *something*. There were clear holes at 1B and RF, and a possible upgrade SS. Instead those positions were untouched, and we actually created another problem with Burnett in limbo. It's been dead silence - no bench signings, relievers, minor league FA's. Nada.

      But I'll take your recommendation on Dacker. Hopefully he can be a decent 4th/5th outfielder this season.