Sunday, February 9, 2014


Anybody who was collecting during the 90's knew Stadium Club's Co-Signers as one of the top autograph sets.  After all, the cards offered not just one but two signatures, typically from some of the game's top stars.

Sure, the pairings didn't make a damn bit of sense in most cases.  But a pack pulled autograph in and of itself was enough to keep any collector happy. 

But sometimes the autograph pairings of the DIY variety are just as good as anything to guys at Topps could come up.  Neither Priddy nor Butters had particularly impressive careers with the Bucs, but having both signatures on the card makes it one of my favorite vintage pieces. 

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  1. I have bought only 1 pack of Topps Co-Signers, but it was from the 2007 set. Strangely, I ended up with a dual auto, Adam Lind and Delwyn Young. I say strangely, because I rarely get hits, especially if I only buy 1 pack.