Friday, February 28, 2014

It's Showtime

After a months-long dry spell, there is yet another card show this weekend.  Nothing too exciting - just another mall show.  But it should keep me occupied for a while tomorrow. 

In the mean time, I had my eye on a few cards on COMC that had been sitting in my cart.  I added some money to my account and...well, that's where things stopped.  Usually the money shows up instantly.  At worst it takes a minute or two.  But two hours in and still no funds in my account.  On a high traffic day like Black Friday I can certainly understand something like this happening.  But 11pm in February?  Paypal says the money went through, so I guess I can either patiently wait or head to bed and hope the cards I was interested in are still there in the morning. This hobby can never be too easy, right?


  1. Where's the show this weekend?

    1. Century Three. Unless you're desperate for some cardboard crack or are really close by, it's not worth the drive. There were about 4 dealers set up, and it was almost all Pens cards priced well above ebay prices.