Friday, October 24, 2014

Cards of the Non-Tangible Variety

Another day, another photoshop experiment.  The low end early late 90's/early 00's product love continues with 2000 Fleer Impact.  The product was a $.99 pack released in both football and baseball, and was focused on attracting kids back to the hobby.  There was one insert set which fell one per pack, and an insanely rare game used insert that I refuse to believe exists.  The base cards were pretty cool in my opinion, but obviously the rest of the collecting universe disagreed since the set was a one-and-done.

This Ultimate Signature card was a little more difficult to make.  Cards involving a cutout are always more time consuming, since a good chunk of time is required to cut the player out (and find a photo that won't be impossible to cut out).  Bagwell was one of my childhood favorites who I'd love to get an auto of some day.  I made some subtle tweaks to the design, but I love the big area for the autograph.  

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