Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vacation Mail

Annnnd we're back to our regularly scheduled program.  Kate and I were up in Boston enjoying a gorgeous fall weekend, some chowdah, and some of the most terrifyingly aggressive drivers I've had the pleasure to nearly wreck into.

Sorry for the lack of posts while I was away.  I had hoped to schedule some autoposts, but the time slipped away from me.

But fortunately there were some surprises waiting in the mailbox when we got home late last night.

Andrew Lambo spent most of the year wasting away in AAA, but that didn't stop him from being included in just about every product released this year.  But surprisingly, this is my first autograph of his.  I've been a big fan of Elite, and the decision to include it with this year's Donruss S2 made for a loaded break.

A couple of boxes of Donruss in group breaks didn't yield any major Pirate cards, so I decided to go the ebay route to meet my needs.  The Status die cuts have always been one of my favorites, and I think the die cut and color does nicely to distract from the pretty glaring lack of logo-age on this particular card.  Better yet, I snagged this for just barely under $4.  A pretty nice pickup, since I had been getting consistently outbid on the more common base (base insert?  how the heck is this set categorized???) auto around the $3 mark.

Oh, and for those wondering yes, Fenway was a must see on our trip.  I'll try to get some photos up later today.

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