Wednesday, October 8, 2014

PWE Bomb from 2X3 Heroes

I haven't been very active in the trade market this year.  Life's kept me pretty busy, and way too stressed.  I've tried to keep up a fairly regular posting schedule, but there just isn't as much time for cards as I'd like most weeks.  Incoming packages have been more rare than in the past, so when a surprise comes in it's much appreciated.

And Jeff from 2X3 Heroes was kind enough to dig through my list to see what I didn't have, or is just a really good card picker.  But either way, he knocked it out of the park.  The package had some awesome new additions to my collection.  The Gold Sparkle cards are actually one of the few Topps parallels I've really enjoyed in recent years, and I've slowly been plugging away at the team set.  I think I have most of Series 1, but Update and S2 are still a work in progress.

 And if you want to talk about awesome pickups, this Cutch card takes the cake.  This is probably one of the coolest cards I've received in a trade all-time.  I'm thrilled Topps has brought back die cuts, and is actually keeping the concept fresh year to year.
 And keeping the theme going, this Cole Chrome base card goes great with the Refractor I got from the group break I posted yesterday.
Rounding out the package, this finishes my Pirates GOTG team set.  The 2000 GOTG set is hands down one of the most visually stunning sets ever produced.
And finally a card of two time Pirates minor league pitcher of the year Tyler Glasnow.  He's been blowing through the minors, and hopefully will continue that success right on to the majors in the next couple years.

Thanks, Jeff!

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