Sunday, November 3, 2013

Marital Bliss

Well, my grand schemes of posting some of my new mail throughout the day blew up in my face pretty fast.  We spent the morning trying to restore order to the chaos of dirty dishes, fridge full of wedding leftovers, and piles of new gifts (all in unnecessarily large boxes) from the wedding.  And then my parents popped in unexpectedly for a visit and then a trip up to the nearby outlets.  Add in a trip to the gym, dinner with the folks, and poof!  there goes your day.

So tomorrow shall be mail blog-a-palooze.

But I wanted to take a minute to show off one of the cool pieces of art one of my good friends did for us during wedding week.  He came up from West Virginia to help us with wedding preparations, and of course the most logical thing to do when you have a professional artist held captive is put them to work.  Glenn was completely game for whatever we were up to (I'm not sure who was more terrifying, groomzilla or bridezilla).

We had a large, rustic venue, and wanted some things to take up space on the walls and over the fireplaces in each room.  So things worked out great, and now we have some amazing art for the house.
This piece was definitely my favorite.  It's a caricature of us as the pierogis that race during Pirates home games.  If you aren't up to speed on what a pierogi is, it's basically a stuffed dumpling - commonly mashed potato or sauerkraut, though Kate's family recipe uses dried cottage cheese.  They're a huge regional dish in Pittsburgh, and the race is a nice between innings tough that the crowd loves.  Though I must say the true awesomeness of my beard didn't fully translate in pierogi form.

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