Monday, January 20, 2014

Free Agent Fun

As the days go by, marching slowly towards spring training, I will eventually have to give up on the notion that the Pirates will do anything this off season.  Whether it's minor signings or even the lowly AAA depth addition, the rest of the league seems to be doing something.  Meanwhile the Pirates appear to have been in a coma since last October.

So to amuse myself, and in an unnoticed for of protest, I'll be taking a look at some of the players the Pirates have added via free agency.  You know...during the years when they did that sort of thing.

Ted Power joined the Bucs in 1990 after bouncing around as a fairly successful reliever and a fairly mediocre starter.  He joined the Bucs pen in 1990, posting fairly solid numbers in 40 games.  He would end up being a one year fill in for the Bucs, moving on to the Reds in '91.

The Bucs are pretty well set in the pen this year with some nice depth at AAA.  But some sign of life, even if it's some AAA veteranosity, would be appreciated at this point.  It has to happen eventually, right? 

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