Thursday, January 2, 2014

I'm shrinkinggggggg

I know mini cards have been all the crazy for many over the last few years.  And I guess I get the appeal.  They're different.  A throwback to a bygone time in collecting.  Did I mention they're different?  But I've about had enough of the endless parallels to each set, slightly smaller in size and occasionally with a different back.  Needless to say, it's not an area I actively chase.  So a little help is always appreciated when come minis come my way via trade or sheer generosity.

The cards in this post all came a little bit before the holidays from my buddy Todd, a Yankees and Rays collector who is part of a group of team collectors I belong to.  The package was a nice surprise, full of a nice array of Topps Gold cards from the pre-serial numbered days and cards from this year's Topps Mini gimmick set.

The Jose Tabata jersey card at right is by far my favorite mini from the package, if for no other reason than the fact that it doesn't look exactly like a 2013 Topps card in miniature size.  Thanks Topps...

 Todd kept the fabric flowing with this Pedro Alvarez game used card - my first gu of El Torro.  I'm really liking the classic design to the card, and I've written more than enough times about how much I love the 1960 set.
 This Orlando Merced card is a thing of beauty on its worst day.  Add gold foil and we have a card that may be my new favorite card from 1994.
 I managed to complete the entire team set of UK Mini in just a week from three separate packages - only one card that I knew was coming.  Not bad for a set that I had never heard of a week earlier.

And of course the obligatory mini.  Except that you can't tell that this card is a mini, can you?  Considering it looks exactly like its 2013 Topps Flagship counterpart, no.  Not that I'm bitter or anything.  And the insane numbered of colored parallels (pink?  camo?  really, guys?) don't annoy me.  Nope.  Not in the least.

Breathe deep, Mark.  Breathe deep.

On to 2014!  And hopefully some better releases from Panini.  Please.

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