Saturday, January 18, 2014

Throwbacks Gone Wild

In case you didn't notice, my posting yet again took a nose dive just days after my new year's resolution...not to do that.  Chalk at least part of it up to the Pirates lulling me into indifference this offseason.  The roster has remained pretty much untouched despite some very obvious areas of improvement.

But it's been an assault of indifference on all fronts.  Last year the Pirates announced that they would be designing a new secondary logo to replace the very 90's red bandana'd Pirate that has been the logo since 1997.  And I do love me some logos.  But apparently the team scrapped that idea, and nothing has been heard since.

And if there's one way to kill my baseball buzz, it's a uniform or logo letdown.

But never fear!  The rest of the division will pick up the slack.

The Cubs have announced a whopping ten new jerseys for next season (9 throwbacks, 1 new alternate).

Some of these, like the baby blue pinstripe number above are downright horrible.  But I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'm giddy to see some of these pop up on cardboard.

You can check out the full array over at Uni Watch.

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