Monday, December 8, 2014

2013 Panini Cooperstown Live Break, Part 1

Alright folks, if anyone is following along this should be a fun break.  I actually already have most of the Pirates cards from the set from a justcommons order right when the product first went live.  But I love the Crystal Shard cards, and it's a really fun base set with all the turn of the century and deadball era players they've included.

I was a little bummed the product didn't make it back in 2014, but maybe it will make a return in 2015.  For $12, I don't think you can go wrong with this break.  Each pack comes with a Colgan's disc (similar to the disc cards from the 70's), and from previous Panini retail experience I think just about every pack should have an insert or parallel.

I don't know if I'll go for the set, but I'd imagine with two boxes I may get fairly close on the 100 card set.  Aaaaand away we go!

Pack 1
Nap Lajoie
Jack Robinson in a KC Monarchs uniform - this may be the coolest card I've seen in a long time
Dave Winfield Green Crystal
Red Schoendienst
Chas Gehringer Disc - I almost missed the disc.  They sit in the front of the pack, and it fell out as I tossed the wrapper aside.

Pack 2:
Jim Bunning Disc - the Tigers are well represented
Historic Tickets - Boston and Brooklyn in 1916?  Not crazy about the look of these, but I am looking forward to reading this card back and learning more about this game.
Orlando Cepeda Orange...Sparkle?  /325  I believe these are the retail only parallel, and have more of a dot pattern than the shard look.  But they do look reeeeal nice.
Joe Tinker

Pack 3:
Brooks Robinson Disc
Brooks Robinson...base.  That was a strange coincidence.  Hoover hot pack?
Ducky Medwick, ending the Brooks Robinson streak
Honus Wagner Green Shard.  Not a Brooks Robinson auto, but I'll take it!
Pee Wee
Zack Wheat

Pack 4:
Buck Leonard Disc.  I already have one from my justcommons order.  Damn.
Johnny Evers two finger glove - this may be the first picture of a glove in my collection
Maz - ok, we've already doubled the number of Pirates in my Hometown Heroes box!
Bill Dickey

Pack 5:
Connie Mack Disc - the most stately card thus far
Mel Ott
Fergie Jenkins Nations - Oh, Canada
Pudge Fisk
Frank Chance - Alright folks, 5 packs and we already have Tinkers to Evers (two fingers) to Chance.

Pack 6:
Carl Hubbell Disc
Another Brooklyn/Boston Tickets - this time from 1946.  For two cities that couldn't keep their teams, apparently they played a lot of good games.
Reggie Orange
Lloyd Wsner - Let there be Pirates!

Not a bad start.

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