Friday, December 12, 2014

COMC Haul - 2001 Donruss

As I've been on this streak of starting new, and possibly impossible, sets...why not add one more?  There was no set in 2001 that I loved as much as Donruss' return to the baseball market with its flagship brand after a two year absence.  I bought up all my local shop had to offer, scoured the newly opened Target for retail packs, and even had my family hunting hobby shops across the land on vacation hoping to land as much of the product as possible.

It's far from a perfect set.  The formula of short printing rookies and a small base set that had worked wonders in football didn't appeal to the baseball crowd.  The key demographic of set builders were alienated.  But 13 year old kids that loved finding serial numbered cards in every few packs and thought the pack within a pack idea was the coolest thing on the planet?  Yep, right up my alley.

 So I'm working on the set.  What that means, I have no clue.  I already have built the base set without SP's.  Most of the inserts can be had reasonably cheap.  And then there are those pesky Stat Line parallels.  I'd love to build a complete set of Stat Lines, but that's probably a pipe dream.
 With these pickups and what I already had, I probably have about a dozen Stat Line cards.  It's a start.
 I was hoping to add more than this, but unfortunately there weren't many cards discounted during the Black Friday sales.  I snagged what I could find at a good price.
 But ultimately the size of the set and presence of some super low numbered cards (plus high dollar cards of Pujols and Ichiro) make truly completing the set damn near impossible.
 So maybe it's more of a "accumulate as many cards as I can" kind of project.
 Still, if anyone has any 2001 Donruss inserts, rookies, or parallels available, let me know

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