Friday, December 12, 2014

An Autograph a Day

Remember when nicknames were cool?  Not just lame mashups of the player's actual name (ARod) or the player's freaking initials.  Real, badass, nicknames.  Cause quite honestly, there are few things that would frighten me as much as calling somebody the Mad Hungarian.  Sounds like the kind of dude that would cut off your ear and boil it in a stew.  One of those really funky Eastern Eurpoean stews, too.  Not some warm, homely English stew, dammit.
 In other news, check out the cap on the top card.  This is one of the throwback pillbox hats that were worn during the 1976 season.  It's definitely a unique look, and I think only a few cards feature players wearing those caps.

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