Monday, December 8, 2014

Panini Cooperstown Live Break, Part 4

And into the home stretch.  I wasn't planning on doing the base set, but at only 100 cards, I may be almost there already.

Pack 19:
I can see a card facing the other direction.  Not sure if that is anything special, but haven't seen that yet.

Feller Disc
The Duke
Bruce Sutter Auto!  Really nice looking card, and a great looking signature.  From what I saw of the auto checklist this may be the least exciting pull from the auto set,'s a Hall of Fame auto from a $10 box.  I'm one happy camper.
Rick Ferrell Orange Sparkle
Paul Waner
Bob Feller base.

Pack 20:
Anything from here out is just gravy...
Zack Wheat Disc
Al Lopez
Wade Anthony Boggs Induction - first one where the player didn't get stuck with a lame middle name.
Burleigh Grimes - I think that comes pretty close to completing the Pirates team set for me

Pack 21:
Dan Brouthers Disc
Edd Roush
NYY/Senators Tickets
Dizzy Dean Orange
Johnny Evers

Pack 22:
McCovey Disc
Reggie's Bat Museum Pieces
Lefty Grove

Pack 23:
Al Lopez Disc
Bill Southworth
Ernest Banks Induction - No middle name for Mr Cub?
Dizzy Dean
Mike Schmidt

Pack 24
Lefty Gove Disc
Tris Speaker
Nellie Fox
Luis Aparicio International
George Kell
Home Run Baker

Wow.  Packs had more than 1 insert/parallel per pack, I hit a HoF auto, and have a nice stack of Crystal cards.  I have another box of this I'll be saving (or trying to save!) until the holidays.  But this was definitely a home run for the price.

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  1. Congrats on the Sutter auto.

    BTW, Wade Boggs' parents couldn't stick him with a lame middle name. They had already stuck him with a lame first name. Anything more than that would have constituted child abuse.