Saturday, December 6, 2014

An Autograph a Day, Part 14

These are definitely two of my favorite sets to get signed.  I don't think I'll ever be crazy (or rich) enough to chase a signed set.  But if I hit the Powerball, these two would be at the top of the list.   
 Is it just me, or did the Brewers change their uniforms every freaking year through the 90's?  My favorite look was the interlocking MB from '95 or '96 with the dark blue/teal/gold color scheme.  I really can't stand the Brewers current colors and look, and it may be my third least favorite in front of only the D'Bags and the Padres plain-jane look.


  1. As a Brewers fan from the late 1970s onward, I am still partial to those late 1980s uniforms -- the one that Spiers is wearing on that Donruss 1990s card. After that, yes, I think they changed their uniforms every year to try to suck more money out of fans who wanted to get a uniform to wear to the games. It's yet another reason to dislike Bud Selig.

  2. I'm partial to the pinstriped home jersey with script font from the early 90's. They really perfected turning the uniform into a moneymaker - 5 different caps in like 6 years?