Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cutting Edge

As someone who wasn't introduced to cards until the downside of the 80's/90's card boom, it's pretty much impossible to fathom a time when there was really just one card set each year.  Even just flipping the pages of my Pirates binders, the monotony of Topps set after Topps set gets tiring pretty fast.

But there really just aren't that many alternatives aside from some oddball sets here and there.  But 1969 Topps Deckle Edge is a brief break in the monotony.  And considering the late 60's sets aren't exactly the most eye appealing creatures out there, the black and white photos aren't all that bad.

But the borders?  Those are downright interesting.  Decades before die cuts would become "a thing," the Deckle cards are pretty unique.  Add in the facsimile signature, and you actually have a pretty interesting card.

I'm pretty sure this Clemente came to me as a gift from a fellow Bucs collector who was downsizing his collection.  It's a little worn, but fits right in with the rest of my well-loved vintage Pirates collection.

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  1. I'm a huge fan of those Deckle Edge cards. That Clemente is sweet!