Friday, November 14, 2014

Hometown Heroes Live Break, Part Cuatro

And into the second half we go...

Pack 13:
Jordan Zimmerman
Bernie Williams
Jose Rijo City Hall

Pack 14:
Frank Robinson (Reds)
Wil Myers
Buckner (Chicago...I highly doubt he is a hero in Boston)
Oscar Gamble
Dave Kingman Sportdiscs
Fred McGriff Blue Jays.  I hope/assume there is a Braves card in the set as well.
Mark Lemke - there was something that I loved about Mark Lemke, despite hating the Braves.  Maybe it was the shared first name.  Is it just me or were Lemke and Blauser perhaps one of the worst hitting middle infield combos for a team that had as much success as the Braves.

Pack 15:
Blackjack McDowell
John Turod (former Bucco, but a Cardinal on this card)
LaRussa (A's)
Jeter Curtain Call, perhaps a year prematurely
Matt Moore
Jay Buhner, aka the epitome of cool

Pack 16:
Mickey Lolich
Keith Moreland - this is another one who was a headscratcher, though at least the name was familiar
Jose Rijo
Andre Thornton
Doc Gooden Defining Moments
Marc Rzepsdfgrehetgrwegrwh
Joe Girardi -Rockies

It definitely seems like they had to dig pretty deep to find players for the expansion era teams.  I have yet to come across a single (Devil) Ray that wasn't an active player.  And who the heck would you even include?  Jose Canseco?  Boggs and McGriff would seem like the most logical, but they already fit in with multiple other teams.

Pack 17:
Shawon Dunston, a player who will forever be one of my favorite Pirates after 50 games in Pittsburgh
Kevin Mitchell
Lou Pinella Calling the Shots
Dickie Thon
Eric Davis

Pack 18:
David Freese
Rickey Henderson Yankees?
and even more questionably, Tom Seaver White Sox. That seems like a somewhat questionable call to me.
Mike Schmidt Homegrown Heroes.  Interestingly, it appears the card uses the Pirates jersey font.

3/4 of the way through, and no Pirates to be found.  There has been a healthy selection of inserts, and I'm really falling in love with these base cards the more I see of them.  Even with the airbrushed logos, Panini clearly went out of their way to use photos from the players' time with that specific team.  Bravo.

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