Monday, September 23, 2013

Byrd is the Word

I've had this card in my collection for quite a while, but now it serves a dual purpose, checking the newly acquired Marlon Byrd off my Pirate autograph list.  Of course I can only hope there will be an updated Pirate version coming in the near future.  But for the time being, this is one nice looking placeholder.

I picked this card up as an impulse combined shipping purchase somewhere around 2005.  I think the card ended up costing me something like $1.50.  At the time Byrd's stock was pretty low, and he looked like a failed prospect.  Not that he's set the world on fire since then, but he has had a solid major league career.

I've always been a big fan of the Donruss Recollection autos, and this is no exception.  The on card signature looks great, and the 2001 Donruss Elite set was a fantastic release.  Now if only Marlon could work on the signature a bit...

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