Thursday, September 19, 2013

Preparing for the Playoffs

I've always been a big fan of highlights cards, whether capturing a special moment during the season or recapping the playoff happenings.  It's disappointing that Topps seems to have moved away from those more unique cards, and their inclusion in Heritage is entirely dependent upon what year is being reprinted.

Some of the 1961 cards of the '60 World Series are among my favorite pieces of vintage cardboard.  But the Bucs weren't always on the winning side of highlights.

The 1970 NLCS didn't go well for the Bucs, getting swept in 3 games by the Reds.  Still with the rarity of Pirate playoff appearances, it's cool to have postseason cards in the collection, even if they're a bit bittersweet.  Hopefully the postseason goes better for the Bucs this year, with the magic number down to 4 to clinch a playoff spot.

And of course you can't feel too bad for the '70 Buccos.  Things turned out much better in '71.

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