Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Blogger Mail!

Since joining the blogosphere, my mailbox has been full pretty consistently, and my stacks of incoming cards never seems to go down.  But little of that has had to do with Battlin' Bucs, or any trades I've cooked up.

I've had a few trades here and there, but it's not something I actively seek out.  I write because I enjoy writing, and I write about cards because I enjoy cards.  Simple as that.  Anything beyond that is gravy.

But I got a nice surprise when Duff over at Bleedin' Brown and Gold posted that he had come across some old Topps books at his local library, and he was offering them up free to a good home.  I can appreciate anyone who has a colloquially apostrophized blog title.  And I do love adding oddball Pirates stuff, so I claimed the Bucs book.

Talk about awesome.  The book includes full color photos of the entire team set from each season up through 1987, and a short blurb about each year.

I have a photographic memory, so I'll probably spend a few minutes pouring over the pages before the next card show that will be vintage heavy.  Checklists are great, but I've quickly discovered I am far too unorganized and impatient to be flipping through my checklist every time I see a card I think I might have.  The book is a really cool oddball piece, but still serves some functional utility.  Win-win!

Duff also included a few Bucs cards in with the book, and while my commons needs are becoming increasingly fewer and farther between, he hit a couple nice additions.   The Presley card is my first from 2013 Series 2, though I finished off the team set with a flea market stop this weekend.  the Jay Bell Tombstone card is one I didn't know about, and furthers my belief that cards can still look nice without logos.  It also confirms my suspicion that cactuses and baseball cards do not go together.

I took the opportunity to clear out a few Pads and sent Duff a little thank you.

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  1. I'm glad you were able to enjoy the cards and books. You're right - the photos in these books are truly great. The Padres book was the only one I kept. Thanks for the great cards, as well.