Wednesday, October 2, 2013

There Was Nooooooo Doubt About It

Last night was pure magic.

I've been to hundreds of games at PNC Park, but last night was the first time the most beautiful ballpark in the world had a true baseball crowd.

I'll write later today with a full recap of the experience and some photos I took.  I was downtown from about 1pm-11:30pm last night, and then had an hour drive home, so I'm pretty exhausted right now.

The game was amazing and emotionally exhausting, but the Pirates really played a fantastic game on both sides of the ball.  Honestly, whatever happens from here is just a bonus.  I'll be smiling until Opening Day 2014.

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  1. hey Mark, congrats on the pirates win, good luck in the rest of the playoffs. As far as my case goes I did get 3 pirates colored parallels, Justin Wilson Pink (no idea on value since its out of 5), McCutchen Blue and Justin Wilson blue.