Thursday, October 17, 2013

Breaking Bad: 1980's Topps Coins

In case you haven't noticed, I've been holding back on the Pirate-related posts lately.  Hope you won't hold it against me, but after a tough end to the season a little break seems like the best medicine.   But hey, I'm not a one dimensional collector - what better time so show off other fun parts of my collection.

I've been pretty successful at staying away from wax for the better part of a decade now.  But sometimes opportunities are just too good to pass up.  I was at a flea market a few months back that had some loose packs of 80's and 90's junk wax.  At a quarter each, the price was still to high for me to bite on 1991 Donruss.  But Topps baseball coins?  Why not.

I grabbed one pack of '88 Coins and one from '89.  I was hoping to hit any of the Pirates in either set.  No luck on that front, but the packs were still a fun rip.  Remember when Danny Tartabull seemed worthy of inclusion in a star-studded set?

The best hit of the packs was definitely this Nolan Ryan from the 1988 set.  Ryan appearances as an Astro are pretty few and far between in my collection, so it was a welcome addition.

Perhaps not the most exciting break in the world, and I was a little bummed not to come across any Pirates, even though the odds were against me, but for $.50 you can't go wrong.

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