Monday, October 21, 2013

Wedding Week: No Coherent Posts Guaranteed Beyond This Point

The next week is going to be nuts, so I can't promise I'll post.  If I do post, no guarantees to whether the words I write will be coherent.  Or related to cards.  Or in English.

The wedding is on Saturday, and should be a grand affair (after we spent today making 30 dozen cookies, to go with the 100 dozen my mom made, and who knows how many will be coming in from friends and family.  The cookie table - I've heard it's a Pittsburgh thing - does this sugar induced madness exist elsewhere?

One of my buddies will be coming up from West Virginia, and our friend who is doing wedding photos is flying in from Arizona Wednesday.  It should be a great week topped off with what should be a very fun wedding. But that also means I don't know how much time there will be to show off pretty pictures of baseball cards.

I was going to post up a throwaway post - some pretty pictures, some vapid text just to keep my readership convinced that I haven't totally gone over the cliff...yet.

But I realize that as I head down wedding road that I'm in a pretty lucky spot.  Great gal, super happy, etc etc.  But she's also incredibly tolerant of my cardboard habit.  Sure, she doesn't get it at all (though she has added the word refractor to her vocabulary, which she now uses to describe any foil card I bring in). 

But over the years I've realized the importance of having somebody who supports the things you enjoy (and vice versa).  Any time this topic comes up on hobby message boards there is always a few guys who chime in how much their significant other hates their collecting, or they have to sneak cards into the house, or any other number of horror stories that...don't sound like the heathiest of relationship signs.

So by those standards, I've got it pretty good.  There were never an objection when I tried to build out Ohio excursions back to civilization around card show weekends in Dayton or Columbus, or if I would slip off to a card show.  Heck, she even asked if I wanted to go to Chicago for the National this year, but the move killed those plans. 

Anyway, it's back to the wedding craziness for me.  I did manage to squeeze on some Topps Update purchases before going into full-time wedding mode, so if the mailman drops those off today I may be able to get a quick post up.


  1. Congrats on getting married! Sounds like you and your fiance have a great relationship. I had been married to my wife for over five years when I got back into baseball cards, so I'm glad that she kind of gets it, even though it wasn't something that I was into when we began dating. A little weird for her at first, but she's kind of come around.

  2. As long as the card piles don't start migrating to the living room, she's happy. Of course my "tax" for such tolerance is having to shell out for over priced kettle corn at Pirate games throughout the season.