Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Throwback Tuesday

As I've written before, the Pirates like to keep it pretty simple when it comes to throwback uniforms.  For a franchise whose history is so storied and lengthy, the formula has been pretty simple:  did we win the World Series that year?  Ok, then it's approved for a throwback.

And I guess it makes sense.  Mired in the middle of a stretch of 20 losing seasons, the Bucs held to any string they could to remind fans that the team used to win.  And let's just ignore all those years when we didn't.  The head in the sand approach may have worked for the guys in the fancy offices, but I can only hope some other throwbacks might work their way into the rotation now that the team has turned things around.

Like this beauty.

Once upon a time, the Pirates sported a blue and white and earlier a blue and red color scheme.  Nope, it wasn't always black and gold.  And remember when throwback unis used to be unique enough that the team would use a different batting helmet to match the jersey?  The plain dark blue helmet does add something here. 

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