Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or...Trick?

Nothing much going on here for Halloween, sadly.  Nightmare Before Christmas and some wedding cookies.  I guess I've managed to adapt to the married life pretty fast, eh?

While the insanely terrifying Dave Parker axe murderer mask never made it to cardboard form, the Bucs did have something on the treat side of things: the Candy Man, John Candelaria.

As a kid, I always enjoyed the oddball candy - sure, I never minded a good Twix or Milky Way, but it was the more unique stuff that usually caught my attention.

The same goes for cards, particularly once you move into the vintage category.  The Topps releases from the 50's through 70's were, more often than not, strong sets.  They're loaded with star power and that ever-tempting nostalgia factor.

But fun?

If it's fun I want, then that requires a little more creativity. 

Hostess.  Kellogg's.  Apparently if you could eat it, you could find a cool card with it.  And for today, that is about as fitting as you could hope for. 

Hope everyone has a great Halloween.  While you're all trying to shake that sugar coma tomorrow, I should hopefully finally be escaping this wedding-induced zombie like state.

Speaking of which, make sure that Dave Parker image above isn't the last thing you see before bed tonight...

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