Saturday, March 7, 2015

90's Group Break - 2001 SP Top Prospects

I'm currently buried in a mountain of cards, boxes, and wrappers.  After over two hours of breaking last night, all 11 boxes were opened.

I'm going to post the scans for each box individually.  I always try looking online to find box breaks of older products before buying them, and having each box in its own post should make it easier if anyone out there likes to do the same.

This was definitely one of the better boxes in the break.  The box promised 2 autographs and 1 gu, and delivered.  The set has a pretty solid autograph checklist for a minor league product of the era, with a number of players developing into major league regulars and All-Stars.

There was some sticking issue with the packs, but most of the base cards came apart undamaged.  The wood grain theme to the insert sets is a nice touch, and ties the set together nicely.  And from the perspective of the guy who has to sort a couple thousand cards, the fact that the back of the card lists the parent organization is a nice plus.


  1. I'm sure I'll find out when the cards arrive, but I don't remember any Yankees prospects being pulled from this product. Then again, around this time, I think calling the players the Yankees had prospects was a bit of a stretch, lol.

    1. I already got them sorted out, but I think there were base of Willy Mo Pena and Nick Johnson, maybe one or two more. The base set was only 100 cards, but I think all the teams were represented.