Thursday, March 12, 2015

Group Break - 2000 Topps Stars

I was going through my scans folder and realized I missed a couple boxes from the group break over the weekend.

Topps Stars was a fairly high end product when it came out in 2000.  At $3 a pack, it was a premium product with textured base cards and some pretty nice looking foil inserts.  But the real draw was the autograph lineup of stars and Hall of Famers.  We didn't land an auto in the box, but the product still yielded some nice inserts of stars of the day.  The Beltre is a blue parallel, and looks really nice in person.
Some of the cheaper 90's boxes like Stadium Club and Stars are a worthwhile gamble for some rare autographs of top stars.  Even when you strike out on the autos, the sets had some well designed base sets, high quality card stock, and nice foil inserts.  Personally, I'd take that any day over a box that all but guarantees an auto of Chris Owings or Dean Anna.

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  1. There is a Dean Anna super collector out there about to hunt you down! :)