Saturday, March 7, 2015

90's Group Break - 2002 Upper Deck MVP

I'm posting the box results from the 11 box late 90's/early 00's group break individually.  I always try looking online to find box breaks of older products before buying them, and having each box in its own post should make it easier if anyone out there likes to do the same.
Simply put, this box was pretty much a dud.  A retail only product, 2002 MVP drew on the formula from the previous years' sets.  Kid friendly base card design, with numbered parallels that would attract collectors.  A big part of why this box ended up in the break was how nearly impossible it has been to find the Gold /25 and Silver /100 parallels from this set.

And this box proved why they're so damn tough to find.  We didn't pull any numbered cards.  The only inserts in the box were the two Ichiro inserts above, with an example of the base card to the far right.  This one was a big swing and a miss.

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