Saturday, March 7, 2015

Group Break - 1999 Ultra

I'm posting the box results from the 11 box late 90's/early 00's group break individually.  I always try looking online to find box breaks of older products before buying them, and having each box in its own post should make it easier if anyone out there likes to do the same.
This was the first box we opened, and things started out with a bang.  Ultra offered a decent selection of inserts, great looking Gold Medallion parallels at 1 per pack, and some of the nicest photography of the year.

Our break pretty much fell in line with the odds, hitting the expected number of inserts.  The highlight is definitely the Kevin Young Platinum Medallion /99, the lone Pirate parallel from the entire break.  But hey, I'll take it.  The World Premiere and The Book On inserts have some textured embossing, and look great in person.  And this may be my favorite year for the Gold Medallions, which really make the photo pop with a strong gold color, and gave us a really nice mix of teams.


  1. I had a lot of fun hanging out with you and the rest of our Team Collecting family talking baseball and cards. Looking foward to our next break.

  2. I wish I could have moved the camera to show you guys the carnage at the end - to one side was a mountain of cards, and on the other side was a huge pile of garbage that I literally had to jump over to get to the door.

    Sorry it wasn't the most thrilling break in the world. The Victory and 1st Edition boxes were expected to be boring breaks, but seemed like most of us needed a good chunk of the set, and I'm a little bummed we struck out on both Bowman boxes. I have some extras for all the packages, so those will be getting out this week once I finish sorting all the cards

  3. Ooh, a Platinum Medallion! The box I busted didn't have one of those. The embossed inserts ended up in better shape than I thought they would, I was worried that they would lose some surface gloss from all the cards sticking together... Looks like yours came apart ok as well.

    1. There was some damage to a couple dozen of the base cards and a few of the gold medallions, but luckily just about all of the base ended up being doubles with the other copy coming out clean. For the price, it was a really fun box.