Saturday, March 7, 2015

Group Break - 2004 Playoff Prestige

I'm going to post the scans for each box individually.  I always try looking online to find box breaks of older products before buying them, and having each box in its own post should make it easier if anyone out there likes to do the same.

This box was by far the star of the show.  It delivered just about an insert or parallel in each pack.  The box guaranteed two autos or game used, and delivered 1 of each.  The Rolen dual gu /150, and the Youk auto /100.  It also yielded 3 Achievements inserts, 2 Xtra Bases parallels /150, a Stars of MLB Sammy Sosa, and a slew of unnumbered inserts.

The numbered cards are all on various types of mirror or foil board, and look fantastic in person.  For the price, this box was an absolute steal.

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  1. That Youk pull was a nice one. I am looking forward to adding that Jeter to my Jeter binder.