Saturday, March 7, 2015

90's Group Break - 2002 Upper Deck Victory

I'm posting the box results from the 11 box late 90's/early 00's group break individually.  I always try looking online to find box breaks of older products before buying them, and having each box in its own post should make it easier if anyone out there likes to do the same.
Upper Deck had some strange fascination in the early 2000's with making products with massive base sets with obscure parallels, and absolutely no other appeal in the set.  The result?  Either a ton of this stuff is sitting unopened, or in boxes in somebody's basement.

The box yielded these gold parallels at a rate of 1:2, and it held true to its word for most of the box.  The parallels were literally alternating in every other pack.  They're nice and tough to find.  I didn't hit any Pirates (there was actually only 1 Pirate parallel in the entire break), and quite a few of the golds we hit were of unclaimed teams.  If you find a stack of these in a dimebox somewhere, scoop them up without hesitation.  This may be one of the most under appreciated, sneakily-scarce parallels of the 90's.


  1. I think I own exactly one gold parallel from this set. I wonder why they're so hard to find.

    1. It was a 600 card set, retail exclusive, and didn't have any inserts, gu, autos, or parallels beyond the gold. So I don't think it was flying off the shelves, and most of the packs sold weren't going to an adult collecting base. But even then it shouldn't be *this* difficult.

      I saw a complete Pirates team set come up on ebay a couple years ago. I got outbid around $5, and figured that was too rich for my blood. That's still the only copy of the Jack Wilson I have ever seen listed anywhere online or in person.

  2. I also am of mind that at this time period, companies weren't as willing to throw around the parallels so freely as they do now. My guess is that they were trying to make them a highly sought after card due to rarity.